The professionals mentioned below can assist you with financial matters, tax planning, marketing, legal considerations, securing capital for expansion, and many other aspects. We either have worked with these partners ourselves, or they came highly recommended by our clients.

Acquisition Lending


If you’re looking for financing options for your business acquisition, Boopos offers a hassle-free solution. They provide revenue-based financing specifically designed for e-Commerce and SaaS businesses. Simply submit your loan application, and you can expect funding within 7 days.

eCommerce Lending

This platform specializes in sourcing and facilitating financing options specifically tailored for acquiring businesses. They understand the unique needs of online businesses and can help you secure the funding you require.

First Bank of the Lake

This is a nationwide SBA Preferred Lender that understands your business needs. With their vast resources and extensive experience, they are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to support your vision. Their goal is to offer financing options that align with your business objectives and make sound financial sense. Whether you’re starting a new venture or expanding your existing business, their loans are designed to meet your specific requirements. Trust in their expertise and let them help you achieve your business goals.

T Bank

T Bank stands out as a forward-thinking financial institution, embracing technological advancements and adopting a flexible structure. They offer loan solutions for a wide range of “For-Profit” businesses, whether or not real estate is involved. Their expertise lies in catering to specific industries, including medical and dental, private day care schools, hospitality, aviation, gas stations and convenience stores, restaurants, and car wash facilities. Count on T Bank to provide the financial support you need to fuel your business growth and success.

Financial Services and Tax

Bean Ninjas

Bean Ninjas provides essential financial services tailored specifically for eCommerce businesses in the 7 and 8-figure range. With expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, virtual CFO support, and tax services, Bean Ninjas empowers businesses to efficiently manage their financial operations while focusing on scaling.

Birds Eye Bookkeeping

Birds Eye Bookkeeping is dedicated to assisting small businesses throughout the United States. With a team boasting over three decades of experience, they offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to different financial needs. From accurate data entry to meticulous full-charge bookkeeping, Birds Eye Bookkeeping handles every aspect of financial management with utmost professionalism. Their expertise extends to payroll administration and efficient inventory management, ensuring that all facets of your business’s financial operations are taken care of.


Acuity specializes in delivering comprehensive bookkeeping and controller services specifically designed for Ecommerce business owners. They provide valuable financial insights that empower entrepreneurs in the Ecommerce industry. As part of their services, Acuity offers unlimited phone and email consultations, ensuring constant support and guidance for their clients. From managing day-to-day financial operations to offering strategic advice, Acuity’s Ecommerce bookkeeping and controller services cover a wide range of operational and consultative tasks, catering to the unique needs of online businesses.

Advanced Accounting & Tax Planning

The experts at Advanced Accounting are highly skilled in tax resolution, cryptocurrency tax regulations, and maximizing your financial assets by reducing excessive taxation. They adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to tax planning, serving as your strategic intermediary in dealing with the IRS.


Barlow & Williams

Barlow & Williams is a renowned firm that specializes in facilitating mergers and acquisitions within the digital landscape. Whether you’re involved in SaaS or E-commerce, they possess the expertise to guide you through the unique intricacies of buying and selling digital assets. Barlow & Williams recognizes the distinctive nature of these transactions, distinguishing them from traditional brick-and-mortar business deals. Leveraging their in-depth understanding, they are committed to providing comprehensive support and strategic advice tailored to the digital business landscape.

Emerge Counsel

Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) Management, Business Advisory, and Contract Negotiation

Due Diligence


Centurica specializes in conducting comprehensive due diligence for web-based business acquisitions, focusing on specific niches. As an independent and unbiased third party, Centurica brings extensive experience to evaluate each deal, providing you with the assurance and confidence you need when making a purchase decision

Acquisition Lab

Acquisition Lab offers a unique learning experience where members gain expertise in acquiring businesses without the complexities involved in starting a new venture. Through their program, you’ll discover the optimal strategies for purchasing a business, while benefiting from the guidance and support of experienced team of advisors.

Rapid Diligence

Rapid Diligence was established by a team of seasoned acquisition entrepreneurs and M&A analysts. Their mission is to deliver top-notch due diligence and consulting services to buyers of small businesses worldwide. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they are well-equipped to assist you in making informed decisions and achieving successful acquisitions.