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SEO Agency

SEO Agency/ 15,000$ Total Revenue, $600/M A small side project started 2 years ago with…

  • Donovan Fawcett
$6,000total price
Screenshot-2024-06-01-at-8.14.43 PM

Google adsense Approval site for sale

Welcome to PatelBlog.com, your go-to destination for premium mockup downloads. Established over three years ago,…

  • vijay M
$1,000total price

“CBSE Wallah: Your One-Stop Destination for CBSE Exam Prep!”

“Are you ready to revolutionize the way students prepare for CBSE exams? With our meticulously…

  • Adharsh Oj
$65total price

BuyMyTool.com for Sale

buymytool.com is a unique and memorable domain originally established in 2019. Initially serving as a…

  • Mudasar Mehmood

5 Branded Amazon Affiliate Sites for Sell

Coffee….com = domain bought in 2019 from auction cost was 300$ ….Gym.com = bought from…

  • Qaisar Ali
$5,000total price

Invest in your future – Own 7 Figure Blog

Invest in your future – Own 7 Figure Blog: a distinguished foreign website with high-value…

  • hossin.rate
$400total price

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“Since I couldn’t find a broker willing to list my small-sized business, I decided to take matters into my own hands and list it on BizCanyon. I opted for the Featured Listing, which was a small extra. I received 7 responses from interested buyers and sold my business within just 2 months. BizCanyon proved to be an effective platform, not to mention it saved me approximately $2K in broker commissions.”

“So far, I’ve ventured into three significant investments, and two of them were through BizCanyon. Our initial purchase had a few hiccups owing to our lack of experience, but the team at BizCanyon promptly stepped in to provide us with efficient assistance.”

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